感想精选 2012

Teaching Summary and Reflection by Wesley Guo

                                                 Day 1

 On the first day for teaching, we taught them some basic introductions in English, and had them practice a little bit of conversation. The games we played were charades, hangman, and Truth or Dare. We also taught them to sing some songs. My favorite part of the day was playing the games with them. Overall they seemed to enjoy them. I would have preferred if we knew a little bit more about what the teaching would be like before we went in, although I understand there was a lot of schedule confusion.

                                                             Day 2

 On Tuesday we mainly played more games. In the morning, we played 20 questions and a memory game where the kids had to remember an increasingly long list of English words. In the afternoon, we played some more games like Telephone, where they had to pass a message on down a line of people. In the final 30 minutes, we did a little bit of teaching: we helped them smooth out their pronunciation by teaching them about the paintbrush idea (all credit for the idea goes to Mike). Basically, when the students spoke, they spoke very choppy sentences. We wanted them to speak smooth sentences, like a paintbrush painting one smooth line across a piece of paper. To help them understand the concept, we had them draw with an imaginary paintbrush. I felt like this part of the lesson worked well. I would have liked to do more teaching on this day. I would also recommend that future teachers try to connect with the kids as early as possible (learning their names and things). It really helps.

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Day 1 : Teaching was actually a new experience for me, and the first day was actually not that bad. But the second half was very bad. After lunch at the middle, I went to the other school to teach. What I didn’t know was that I had to teach solo. I wasn’t prepared so I embarrassed myself greatly.

Day 2 : Prepared and Confident, I now headed to the same high school to teach. I was still nervous, but I did a far better job than before. I went to classes, taught vocabulary, and played games with them.    -- Jason Huang

I really liked debate activities because it provided many opportunities for us to communicate in small groups, and to teach them and discuss things about the debate. Also, listening to the debates were very interesting. Something I didn’t like about was the lack of variety. If different topics were provided, I think the students would have more opportunities to think of ideas and evidence. Also, we would be able to help them think of other things, not just Girl vs. Boy, which is very vague. 

Today was a very good teaching experience, because I got the chance to work with a small group of 4 students to help them understand a single English work. It was successful because they could easily translate the book after the lesson, and we also had fun afterwards when we played some games. The performances today were also interesting. I saw that students in China are extremely talented. The only complaint I have about today is that the internet only worked for 10 minutes, and the power shut down in half of the outlets.   --  Julia Hu

Monday: Arrived at every stop at around the exact time planned,Although the long bus ride was not mentioned(but it was okay). The overall feel of the dorms were pretty decent and the assigning of partners were suited for everyone.

Tuesday: First day of teaching was pretty stressed and never-racking due to the fact that we did now know how well they were developed with English. After group 1 and group 2 combined, there was more excitement for both the teachers and the students. We taught a lot about basic English grammar and numerous amounts of game. The students gave out a more positive feedback through their facial expressions and participation rate

 Thursday: The preparation Debate seminar was an absolute success. I felt as though the students were a lot more involved and eager to learn about the different strategies. During the debate, many of the Dujiangyan students were actually extremely well prepared for the topic and they all had really good ideas and arguments. I had an extremely good time listening to the debate.

 Today was our last day teaching these students and I have enjoyed every single minute we had with them. Even though there was some difficulty with the understanding of some concepts, we were still able to work together and solve every bit of difficulty the students had both in groups and as individuals. The semi-rally that was held  today was absolutely astonishing.  All of the performances were just all extremely well orientated and prepared.      I have enjoyed every second of their performances and farewell proposes.   -          They will be missed by all!   -- Charles Wei

Our first evening and night here were good. Personally, I liked that we did not do introductions and icebreakers because it gave us the chance to naturally get to know each other.

The vocational school was amazing. It ranks among the best experience of my life. Even though I was in a classroom by myself, the students were the most welcoming, warm, and respectful people ever. I felt like I truly taught them about America culture. 

It was a great idea to teach in pairs, because if I couldn’t explain something, my partner Jason could try explaining it. Te vocational students emailed me that night, thanking me and wishing that we could become good friends. I know that in some ways they let me change a part of their lives. I will keep them in my hearts forever. Personally, I liked the vocational school so much better than Dujiangyan Senior School.   --- Jessica Gao





This year Chinaway Volunteer Program finished. See you next year.

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