2020 Chinaway English Teaching Outline (网课支教大纲)

2020 Chinaway 网课支教大纲

Task Description
Teaching lesson:  "Speaking English is fun" or ”Happy to Speak English”
Goal: Have the Chinese children enjoy learning and speaking English.
Students in Sichuan2nd to 6th grade.
Virtual Classrooms: Dujiangyan (都江堰) and Ya'an (雅安) 
What you'll do: Curriculum prep; virtual classroom management; English teaching online attractively and joyfully; Chinese culture learning; and volunteer team collaborating.
Volunteers Hours Logging: https://forms.gle/qED4p8UfepQuTLL1A
Project Notes: Keep tracking the Current Status
The class lessons will be held in the Chinese community centers. We hope that the class is fun and kids can enjoy the class. Ultimately, the kids will be able to speak simple English. Since the class is online, we cannot play games physically with the kids. Therefore, the most challenging  part of teaching would be interacting with the kids to learn and to speak English, while including fun-filled activities. 
We hope that students can practice listening and speaking English in each class through a game. For example, Hide and Seek, which can teach Chinese children about directions, rooms, and buildings through interaction and connection what kids have learned. 
Telling stories (or showing short cartoons/English films) : it helps develop the Chinese children's listening skills and their expressive ability; We also can teach songs (similar to the cup song)/ jingle.
We encourage you to write (finding) scripts and teach Chinese children to play roles. For example, writing a shopping scenario,  would help the children to practice asking about prices, saying “I like ...”, in color, size, and all other possible aspects. (stationery, clothes...) Also, you can talk about "going to a restaurant": to practice speaking about different kinds of foods and social etiquette.
The links below are the English textbooks of the Chinese schools from grades 3 to 6. Please read through the textbook and become familiar with the contents, to know well what English words and sentences that they have already learned. Let them practice speaking English by the words and sentences. The simple repetition is the key to reinforce them. You can also add more content in terms of simple English sentence structures to teach Chinese kids.
In short , you should prepare one or two weeks worth of teaching plans. You can write the teaching plan independently or in groups. After it is finished, we will review all the materials and plans and select the best teaching plan for all to use. Students who create/edit the teaching materials and plans will earn volunteer hours.

所以我们希望:每节课都通过一个游戏练习听说英语,比如:Hide and seek,将中国孩子学到的,方向,房子,建筑等串联起来。
讲故事(可以放短的动画片):锻炼中国孩子的听力与表达能力;可以教歌曲,短诗歌,如cup song 那样的可唱可表演。
鼓励写短剧本(通过场景剧)让中国孩子表演:比如shopping 让孩子学会如何问价格,喜欢什么,颜色,大小,各种商品名,文具,衣物,等等。比如上餐馆:表演说各种食物,社交礼仪;



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