Chinaway 常规问题解答(Q&A)

Q:什么样的孩子可以参加这个项目?[ What kind of children can participate in this program ? ]

A:9报名时是9年级以及9年级以上的一切学生(包括大学生)。),愿意探索世界,培养自己的领导能力,提高中文听说读写,身心健康,都可以报名。如果是8年级的学生,但有哥哥姐姐参加项目,也可以报名。[All students (including college students) who are in grade 9 and above at the time of registration,who are willing to explore the world, develop their leadership skills, improve their Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing, the physical and mental health is good, are welcome to apply this program. Students who are in grade 8 but have older siblings participating in the program can also enroll.]

Q:孩子中文不好,甚至不会,可以参加这个项目吗? [The child is not good at Chinese, or even can't speak Chinese, can he/she participate in this program?]

A:9可以的。一切支教活动与义工项目都是小组活动。中文听说读写不好不会的同学可以参与英语部分的工作,毕竟讲课,资料展示都要用英语。同时项目可以给愿意提高中文的孩子提供锻炼与学习的机会。另外带队老师,中方接待老师都会英文。[It's okay. All teaching activities and volunteer projects are team work. Students who are not good at Chinese can participate in the English part of the work, because, all the lectures and materials must be in English. At the same time, the program can provide exercise and learning opportunities for children who are willing to improve their Chinese. In addition, the Chinese host teacher also can speak English.]

Q: 这个项目需要什么样的学生?[What kind of students are the program looking for?]

A: 此项目在一个与美国文明体系完全不同的舞台上,拥有极强的锻炼领导力,操作管理现实项目,展示才艺的机会,我们欢迎有志于提高自己,培养领导能力,增加国际视野,多才多艺,愿意交流,锻炼自己的学生。[ In the Chinese stage completely different from the American civilization system, this program has a strong opportunity to exercise leadership, operate and manage realistic projects, and show students' talents. We welcome students who are interested in improving themselves, developing leadership skills, increasing international perspective, and being versatile, willing to communicate and exercise themselves.]

Q: 项目如何报名? [How to register ?]

A: 我们的项目书一般是每年一月初对外发布,当网站表明可以报名时,你就可以:1.点击网站的项目报名表;2.认真填写表里的内容,注意选择你愿意参加的项目;3.点击交报名费的链接,缴纳报名费,这样报名手续就完成了。随后你将收到学校邮件指导你下一步做什么。 [ The program information is usually released to the public at the beginning of January each year. When the website indicates "Enroll start" , you just: 1) click on "the application form" ; 2) fill out the form carefully, taking care to select the program you would like to participate in; and 3) click on "application payment" link to pay the registration fee, then you finish the registration. After that you will receive the email from us to directing you to the next step.]

Q: Chinaway Program 如何算义工小时? [Chinaway Program how to count volunteer hours?]

A: 这个项目的义工小时按3个部分计算:1)项目开始前,学生准备教材,教学资料,小组开会,项目培训,或筹款,义卖等等。这些活动参加了就会给一定小时,不参加就没有,所以小时数不确定。2)项目在中国的2周活动。在中国的教学一般早上9点开始,下午4点~5点下课,晚上有备课,所以每天的工作时间有8~10小时,2周下来可能会得到100~120小时。3)项目期间或项目之后的视频制作,文章写作,发社交媒体等工作也会得到额外的义工小时。 [Volunteer hours for Chinaway Program are counted in 3 parts: 1) Before the program starts, students prepare textbooks, teaching materials, team meetings, program training, or fundraising, bazaar, etc.. A certain hours are given for participating in these activities but the number of hours is uncertain. 2) 2 weeks of activities in China. The teaching in China usually starts at 9:00am, and ends at 4:00pm~5:00pm, in the evening there is lesson preparation, so there are 8~10 hours of work per day. Students fully participating in work will get 100~120 hours for 2 weeks. 3) Video production, article writing, posting on social media, etc. during or after the program will also get extra volunteer hours.]

Q:这个项目除了报名费还有什么其它费用吗? [What are the other costs of this program besides the application fee?]

A:这个项目普通报名费是50美元,加急报名费75美元,不退还。除了报名费还有一笔项目费,也称为捐款(费用每年不同,根据项目成本收取):它包括学生到中国2周的全部活动费,开办夏令营的材料费,2周的食宿费,车费,陪护人员费用,保险费等等。可以说这个费用包括从落地项目所在地到离开项目所在地的一切费用。此费用不包括来回项目所在地的机票费。 [The regular application fee is $50 ($75 for urgent applying), non-refundable. Additionally, there is a project fee, also known as a donation. the fee varies from year to year and is based on the project cost. It covers the entire activity fee of the students in China, the materials fee for starting the summer camp, the room and board fee, the Transportation expense, the chaperones fee, the insurance and so on. It can be said the fee covers everything from landing the site to leaving the site but not include airfare to and from the program location. ]

Q:孩子们在这个项目中具体要干什么,能得到什么收获? [What exactly are the kids going to do in the program and what will they get out of it?]

A:这个项目2周,活动非常丰富。按种类来说有如下事情:1)教课或当老师助教,课程内容包括但不限于:英语口语,英语阅读理解,英语写作,读英语原著,排练英语话剧,英语辩论,唱歌,跳舞,运动,科学,手工,美国游戏等等;2)编写各种教材,找资料,做PPT或视频;3)翻译中方各种资料;4)做文化交流,现场演讲,唱歌,跳舞,做游戏;5)介绍美国文化,学校,日常生活;6)到熊猫基地义工;7)参观游览当地名胜。通过做上述事情,孩子可以获得真实的教学经验与能力,提高自己的演讲能力,深化自己的各种知识,锻炼自己的创造能力,管理能力,沟通能力,进而培养自己的领导能力。大大地提高中文的听说读写能力,发现自己的擅长专业或热爱的事情,深入地了解中国文化,了解大熊猫,获得独立生活的能力。 [This is a 2-weeks program with a lot of activities. In terms of categories there are: 1) teaching classes or being a teacher's assistant, which include but are not limited to: oral English, reading comprehension, writing, book reading, English drama, debating, singing, dancing, sports, science, crafts, American games, etc.; 2) Compile various teaching materials, find materials, and make PPT or videos; 3) translating all kinds Chinese materials; 4) cultural exchanges. Live speech, singing, dancing, playing games; 5) Introduce American culture, school, and daily life; 6) Volunteer at Panda Base; 7) Visit local attractions. By doing the above things, children can gain real teaching experience and ability, improve their presentation skills, deepen their various knowledge, exercise their creativity, management and communication skills, and then develop their leadership skills. Greatly improve their Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, discover what they are good at specializing in or what they are passionate about, gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, learn about pandas, and gain the ability to live independently. ]

Q: 项目有培训吗? [Does the program have training?]

有的。在活动开始前,我们会给孩子开视频会议,发项目的培训资料,任务说明书。组织小组,开始小组活动。到了中国还会统一培训1~2天,保证学生能开始教学。然后根据项目进性情况,带队老师会随时进性必要培训。 [Yes. Before the program begins, we will hold online training through room meeting, hand out training materials and task sheets for the program. Organize teams and start group activities. When arrive in China, will have 1-2 days of training to ensure that the students can start teaching. Then, depending on the progress of the program, the lead teacher will provide the necessary training at any time.]

Q:项目如何保证孩子的安全? [How does the program keep children safe?]

A:我们一直将安全放在项目管理的第一位。历经多年,我们形成了一整套点对点的安全管理办法,孩子在中国随时有中方老师的陪伴。我们非常欣慰地告诉大家,在所有过去的时间里,这个项目都没有出安全问题。当然,要保证安全,我们对孩子在项目中也有严格的纪律要求。只要孩子听老师安排,安全是能保证的。对于一些突发事件,如:孩子跑跳将脚扭了;去抓动物被动物咬伤;自己偷偷跑出去迷路了;中方都会第一时间联系医院,公安等机构及时处理,但这也要求孩子对自己的行为要负责任。.项目给孩子购买了全部医疗保险与意外保险,任何生病都不会要家长出钱。掉了贵重东西也有一定赔偿。 [We have always put safety first in our program management. Over the years, we have developed a whole set of peer-to-peer safety management methods, and the children are accompanied by Chinese teachers at all times in China. We are very pleased to report that there have been no safety issues with this project in all the past times. Of course, to ensure safety, we also have strict discipline requirements for children in the program. As long as the child listens to the teacher, safety can be guaranteed. For some emergencies, such as: children running and jumping will twist their feet; To catch an animal and be bitten by an animal; Sneaked out and got lost; The Chinese side will immediately contact the hospital, the police station, and other institutions for immediate treatment, but this also requires the child to be responsible for his own behavior. The program buys full medical and accident insurance for the children, and parents will not pay for any illness. There is some compensation for the loss of valuable things. ]

Q: 你们会要求一起订机票吗? Would you ask to book a flight together?

A:不要求。因为这个项目的孩子来自美国全国,甚至其它国家,所以不可能集体飞行,也没有带队老师可以陪伴孩子飞行。我们不负责机票的购买,学生可以根据自己方便的行程购买机票,中方团队在项目所在地机场,或高铁站接送机。在规定的日期,孩子到达就可以。我们鼓励孩子独立飞行,但家长愿意送到项目机场或住地也是可以的。[ Not required. Because the children in this program come from all over the United States, and even other countries. It is not possible to fly as a group, and there are no teachers can accompany the children on their flights. We are not responsible for the purchase of airfare; students can purchase tickets based on their own convenient itinerary. Chinese team will pick up and drop off the child at the program located airport/train station on the prescribed date. Children are encouraged to fly independently, but parents willing to drop off at the airport or hotel are also acceptable. ]

Q: 能介绍一下项目的住宿,饮食,交通等设施吗?[ Could you introduce the accommodation, food, transportation and other facilities of the project?]

A: 此项目现在全程安排住中国规定的外国人居住酒店,酒店条件都非常好,有电视,电话,网络,空调,浴室,2人一间,为了安全,不许孩子单人居住。孩子要自己洗衣服,中方老师会指导,如果学生实在不愿意洗,可以送洗衣服务或多带衣服。食物是中方专程安排的,在保证安全的同时,会品尝各种当地美食。上下课使用的交通工具都是可以接待外国人的旅游车辆,保证安全。学生上课地方在当地学校,或社区建筑,有的可能没有空调。 [This program is now arranged to live in the Chinese regulations of foreigners living in the hotel, the hotel conditions are very good, with TV, telephone, Internet, air conditioning, bathroom, 2 people a room. In order to be safe, children are not allowed to live alone. Children will wash their own clothes by hand, the Chinese teachers will guide, if the students really do not want to do this, they can send a laundry service or bring more clothes. The food is specially arranged by the Chinese side, and we will taste various local cuisines while ensuring safety. Transportation to and from classes is provided by tourist vehicles that can receive foreigners to ensure safety. Classes are held in local schools or community buildings, some of which may not have air condition. ]

Q: 家长可以参加吗?如果家长参加要付费吗?我可以申请当带队老师吗? [Can parents attend? Is there a fee if parents attend? Can I apply to be a lead teacher?]

A: 家长可以自己出费用(包括食宿,交通等)到项目地去,但项目组织者因为人力关系与项目特点,不会专门接待。,如果学校在招募带队老师或陪同志愿者,家长可以申请。如果被接受为带队老师或带队家长,将按加州教师工作要求签订相关协议。 [Parents can pay their own expenses(Includes room and food, transportation, etc.) to go to the program site, but the Chinese organizers will not host them exclusively because of manpower and program characteristics. If the school is looking for a lead teacher or escort volunteer, parents can apply. If accepted as a lead teacher or volunteer, an agreement will be signed according to California education staff requirements.]

Q: 如果我孩子只能去一周,你们接受吗?能不能收费减半?[If our children can only participate the program for one week, can it be accepted? If so, can we only pay half the price?]

A:我们首先接受能参加2周的孩子;如果的确有名额,可以考虑接受1周的学生,但费用不能折半,要根据具体花费收费。[We may accept the students who will participate in 2 weeks first. If there are still spaces, it is ok to consider 1 week case, but the price will depend how much will cost.]

Q: 这个项目与到中国的寻根夏令营有什么区别?[What's the difference between this program and Roots summer camp to China?]

A:首先主办的机构不同,目的不同。寻根夏令营是中国政府请海外的华裔青少年游览中国了解中国的项目。我们的项目是美国中文学校组织到中国锻炼自己帮助他人的教育项目。其次,项目的活动内容人员不同。寻根夏令营的日程基本都是参观,游览,接受外界的东西,看中国的大城市大机构,同行的学员年龄相差较大。我们的项目到乡镇,农村,接触中国民众基层,要干事情,要教课,要帮助他人,要输出。同行的学员都是高中生。最后当然是费用不同。寻根夏令营是中国政府负责学员在中国的吃住游览费用,陪同人员费用,学生只支付少量美国组织者的费用。我们的项目学生要支付美国组织者与中国行程的全部费用,还有给当地学校的捐款。[First of all, the organizers are different and have different purposes.. The Roots summer camp is a program that the Chinese government invites overseas Chinese youth to visit China and learn Chinese culture. Our program is an educational program organized by American Chinese schools to exercise students and help others in China. Secondly, the activity content of the program is different. The schedule of the Roots summer camp is basically to visit, tour, accept things from the outside world, to see the big cities and big organizations in China, and the peers are quite different in age. Our program go to towns and villages, reaches out to the general Chinese people, to do things, to teach, to help others, to export. Our peers are all high school students. Finally, of course, the cost is different. The Roots summer camp, the Chinese government is responsible for the students' food, accommodation and escorts in China, and the students only pay a small amount of the American organizer's fee. In our program, the students not only pay the American organizers, the entire cost of the trip to China, as well as a donation to the local Chinese school.]


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